About wheat straws

A straw that stands out

When you first feel the straw with your hand, you will most likely say: "It's just a piece of stalk." And, of course, you're right. It is a piece of nature. Cultivated and worked to serve you for a while.

Even if the wheat straw ends up being thrown away, no harm will come out of it. Wheat stalks are an integral part of nature in whatever form they come.

What other benefits do wheat straws offer?

1. It holds its shape perfectly

It can sit in a drink for hours no matter its temperature - it would still look the same (doesn’t matter if the drink is hellishly hot or ice-cold).

2. A look with a clear-cut message

It looks unconventional. Instead of plastic, you are holding a straw which comes from nature. It makes you think.

3. It's logical

Even though it’s a straw, it is not made from plastic. The very name suggests that it should naturally be made of straw.

4. No difference in taste

No matter what straw material you are used to, wheat straws are a game-changer. Enjoy your drink without feeling guilty about doing so.

5. Really for everyone

Allergic to gluten? No problem! Our wheat straws are gluten free! Enjoy yourself!

6. It is the most nature-friendly option out there!

Wheat straws are disposable. No washing required (you will save litres of water)! Top hygienic standard.

7. Manufactured by hand

Our straws are made manually (from cutting to packaging). By buying wheat straws, you give people a job.

8. They are not harmful to health

Our straws have passed laboratory tests. They are certified for food safety.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Try wheat straws today!