About us

NATUR STRAWS are 100% natural products with almost zero environmental footprint (from their production to their use and disposal). Help us create a brighter future without unnecessary waste!

Our vision

Disposable products have become an integral part of our company.

Our company NATUR STRAWS was established with a clear vision – change the world by changing people’s thinking and attitudes. Years of experience have taught us to choose wisely – there are many eco-friendly products which can completely replace plastic-ridden ones without compromising convenience.

"NATUR straws" project brings together people who wish to get rid of non-organic disposable products (be it businesses or households).

One straw

can change the world

Just start with the little things and add more effort over time. The planet and future generations will thank you.

If you want to change the world, start with

y o u r s e l f.

Choose nature

over plastics

One straw can start a revolution in the fight against the plastic pollution. You may be among the first to do so.

Join us and we will retire the plastics

t o g e t h e r.

We have to give way

to sustainability

Ten years ago, people could not imagine the world without plastic straws. In a few years, our natural straws will be as common as the

p l a s t i c o n e s.


We will satisfy

your needs

Machine production allows us to produce straws of any diameter and length. Individually packed straws are a matter of course.

The future belongs to us all. And especially to

f u t u r e

g e n e r a t i o n s.

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